Marble caves of Crimea. Chatyr-Dar mountain

Day tour to Chatyr-Dag mountain plateau with a private guide Sergey Sorokin

Time: 8-9 hours.

Cost: 12 th. RUB per party from 1 up to 6 pers. It includes: my vehicle and my guiding. Entrance fee to all museums and lunch are extra
Season: 365 days. All year :)
Where it starts from: I do all my tours from Yalta from a place where you stay. But I could agree also if you stay in Sevastopol or Alushta.

Very Popular!!! The most popular easy hiking tour, which could be used also by families with little kids.

Details of a tour: The main highlight of this tour is that to addition to equipped cave (that's with paths and light) we will also visit two wild natural caves with our own head lamps. We will walk along the Chatyr-Dag mountain plateau, see several caves with vertical entrance including famous "bottomless well" which actually a crater 100m. in a diameter and 200m. deep - breathtaking sight!!! Hiking part of this tour is only 3-5 km. on foot without any significant ascents or descents and could be recommended for people of almost all ages and families with little kids.

Contact me - to book a tour or ask any question you have.

Some pictures from this tour:

Contact me - to book a tour or ask any question you have.

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