Very short tour Sights of Yalta with a private guide

Livadia Palace - Swallow's Nest Castle - St. Mikhail Church in Oreanda

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Short excursion - for those, who have limited time in Yalta. Time: 2,5 hours.

During this excursion we visit Livadia Palace - Yalta's Conference of 1945 (Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt) and summer residence of Russian Tsar Nicolas II, who has been executed after Russian Revolution in 1918. We will see Swallow's Nest Castle - the symbol of Crimea and visit St. Mikhail Church in Oreanda.


Livadia Palace:

Livadia Palace in Yalta

Swallow's Nest Castle:

Swallow's Nest Castle. Yalta. The symbol of Crimea

Saint Mikhail Church in Oreanda:

Saint Mikhail Church in Oreanda. Yalta

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